Please hire a photographer to take your family photos! There’s really no bad time of year to take family photos but a studio is a fantastic option in winter. I actually love studio shoots because the weather always cooperates in a studio. Winter can be very unpredictable in Utah! Everyone will be so much more comfortable indoors. This cute extended family had tried taking their own photo with a tripod in a basement and while that can sometimes work out, I am so glad they hired me to take some new photos for them! It was February and cold and snowy outside so we scheduled this studio in Draper. We recreated an old family photo for them, which is a great way to kind of put everyone at ease and have fun.

This studio had some great options with a bright brick wall, a black wall, and a cute bed. We got some great family shots and headshots. The only downside of a studio is when the group before you doesn’t clean up. This one wasn’t super clean when I got there so I had to do a little work before we started, but overall it was fine. I would definitely shoot there again.