Alpine Shoot

This is my sister’s family! I love shooting for family because it’s always fun to get to hang out with nieces and nephews that are usually hanging out with cousins when we all get together. My nephews are awesome and have such great personalities. The youngest one came with his sour spray and took a hit after every photo which had me cracking up.

Please know, I LOVE having fun with you! Don’t ever apologize for your kids being silly or for what looks to you like them being uncooperative or overly energetic. They are normal! I love to work with that and capture real personalities. I do work hard for those perfect photos you will want to hang on your wall but my true love of photography started with the desire to capture real moments. When you look back on photos you will want to remember how that child was at that age because they usually outgrow it!

This is a pretty, neutral location in Alpine, Utah that offers pretty yellows in the early fall and then more grays and greens in late fall. In the spring there is a poppy field but this year it was closed for restoration. I’m hoping to shoot there next spring if it opens back up. I’ve actually never shot in the poppy fields because every photographer I follow who has talks about how crazy busy it is and I tend to want to find my clients a more private, quiet spot for their photos.